A warm welcome to the HSD Campus community ForceApp!

A warm welcome to the HSD Campus community ForceApp!

They recently opened their office at the HSD campus and are excited to tune in to the local cybersecurity community. We are happy to introduce you to ForceApp, member of the Greece-based Aratos Group, and its highly knowledgeable team. At the helm of Forceapp operations is Dimitrios Mantelis, who has an impressive career behind him in the Hellenic Navy and maritime industry. “We are looking forward to settling in on the campus, and to meet the other companies at this cybersecurity hotspot” says Dimitrios. 

The ForceApp team holds a great variety of capabilities, which are applied in various areas related to homeland security, defense and training. Their capabilities portofolio include : Space for Defense, Blockchain in Defense, RPAs – UAVs – Drones, Counter-Drone Systems, Simulations, Armed Forces Special Solutions & Services and Homeland Security Solutions. 

This wide array of knowledge and experience makes the Forceapp team a valuable addition to the HSD Campus, especially considering their willingness to share their knowledge and collaborate with companies here. “We are eager to get to know the HSD Campus community better and look for opportunities for collaboration” says Dimitrios. “Collaboration is essential in our industry and we have had many good experiences with collaboration in the past.”  

At the moment, ForceApps’ participation in European Defense Industrial Development Programme “MIne RIsk CLearance for Europe” (MIRICLE) occupies a major part of their focus. This European innovation project led by Naval Group Belgium aims at achieving a European and sovereign capacity in the future mine warfare and will create a path for the next generation ‘made in Europe’ countermeasure solutions. The role of ForceApp in this project is to define, together with the other project’s partners,  a final interoperable architecture of a Mine Counter Measure Force (MCM), durably able to counter future mines threats (deep, buried, crawling, jumping, gliding, torpedo, with CCM functions), in a potentially non-huntable, defended, refreshed, networked, or supervised mines field. 

ForceApps’ parent company, Aratos Group was founded in 2003, and has a vast network within academic institutions and government organisations in Greece, Cyprus, Netherlands, Bulgaria and Germany. In 2019 ForceApp was launched in the Netherlands,  strengthening the ties with this country and and expanding its activities and ecosystem in Notrh and Central Europe. 

Dimitrios and the ForceApp team is eager to get to know all members of the HSD Campus community. Feel free to connect with them on LinkedIn, get in touch though mail or stop by their office at the campus.


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