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Who you are/what you do?

Terre des Hommes prevents children from being exploited, takes them out of exploitation situations and ensures that these children can develop in a safe environment. We do this together with family, community and other organisations. We do this all over the world, but since a few years also in the Netherlands. The WATCH NL programme combats the sexual and criminal exploitation of minors digitally, using the Terre des Hommes Cyber Unit. This unit is based at the HSD and consists of researchers with a police or defence background and Forensic ICT specialists. Using their expertise and the latest techniques and tools, perpetrators of sexual and/or criminal exploitation are tracked down, deterred or reported to the police. 

Why The Hague?

The headquarters of Terre des Hommes is in the heart of The Hague on the Zoutmanstraat. Besides, The Hague is of course a central city in the Netherlands, but also in the world. For Terre des Hommes it is the ideal location to offer support to all their projects.

Why the HSD campus?

For Terre des Hommes it is important that we are in the middle of the latest developments in the field of cyber security. At the HSD it happens! Terre des Hommes depends on companies that can and want to contribute to the fight against sexual and criminal exploitation of minors with the latest techniques and tools and these companies can be found at the HSD.

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Contact info

  • Saskia de Jong & Jasper Iking

Saskia de Jong is manager of the CyberUnit. In addition to this position, she is a private investigator and has a history with the Royal Military Police.

Jasper Iking is the WATCH NL project leader. He trained as a criminologist and worked for the police for seven years in the Human Trafficking department.



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The Netherlands

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