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Interview HSD campus tenant Talksome

Interview HSD campus tenant Talksome

Who is (the company)?

We are Talksome, a technical company specialised in digital voice communication. We develop cloud-based telephony solutions for businesses that are passionate about making communication seamless for their end users. As a technical partner that is working together with our customers, we aim at delivering the best possible experience to the end-users.

Where is the company specialized in?

Talksome specialises in the telecommunications market. Our main product -Compass- is the foundation of an adaptable telephony system, on which our partners can build their own telephony on top of it, or by using some of our already existing apps.

What are fun projects that you’ve worked on?

This is a great opportunity for us to introduce a very fun project we were working on for the big part of 2020 and 2021 - our complete rebranding. We used to be IPerity and just this month we have changed our name and face into Talksome! You can see what we did on our website,

Why did you choose for the HSD Campus?

We chose the HSD Campus, because the campus offers flexible office spaces and meeting facilities. More importantly, HSD gives us the opportunity to meet like minded companies just donw the hall. Added bonus: the location of the campus is as of huge importance to our company, as it is located in The Hague and next to the train station, therefore it is comfortable for commuting.

What do you hope to get out of the HSD Campus? 

We hope to continue having a good relationship with the HSD Campus and to keep working in a calm and well-organised environment!

What can you offer to the HSD Campus?

One of the main focus points for our company is the notion of privacy. We provide fully encrypted calling with our product, which provides complete control over the privacy and security of our customers. In 2021, with the release of our new website and brand, we insured to provide full privacy for our team, by arranging memojis for each member of our team, as a way of presenting who we are and what we do. In that way we replaced the use of personal images for our website. Our aim to promote the importance of privacy, by insuring privacy and security in everything we do, meets with the goal of the HSD Campus- to facilitate organisations who work towards contributing to a more secure world!

What is a fun fact about the company?

We are a very united team. For that reason, we take work trips every year together. In 2019, we constructed a -remote- interactive pitch for the Fast Forward Challenge, during our company’s week-long trip to Croatia.


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