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Interview HSD Campus tenant Treadstone

Interview HSD Campus tenant Treadstone


  • Who is (the company) ?

ThreadStone Cyber Security started in 2014 with one main mission: to make the Dutch and European internet safer. For both large and smaller organisations, ThreadStone offers reliable, practical and affordable cybersecurity solutions which the company develops and delivers from Europe. ThreadStone is located at The Hague Security Delta.

  • Where is the company specialized in?

ThreadStone specializes in providing insight into the field of cyber resilience, especially for SMEs. We map out where an organisation stands and advise on what can be done to improve it. In doing so, we strive to achieve a higher level of resilience or maturity in the field of information security, together with the client. To this end, we provide fully automated vulnerability scans and phishing campaigns, for example, which we sell with our partner network of some 70 partners.

  • What are fun projects that you've worked on?

First I have to think of the project we started after winning the HSD Incentive Fund in 2014, which actually gave birth to ThreadStone. Together with TNO and WorldStream (a major hoster), we were able to develop our first products. The Safe Business Internet campaign, which we carried out together with MKB Nederland, TNO and The Hague University of Applied Sciences on behalf of the Ministries of Economic Affairs and J&V, was also a nice project. In my view, we can still look back on a successful campaign period in which we ultimately got around 70 sector associations to take action and communicate to their members about the risks of cybercrime. Unfortunately, the project was halted when we wanted to further scale up the communication to the sector associations.

  • Why did you choose for the HSD Campus?

A condition for winning the HSD Incentive Fund was that you would establish yourself on the HSD Campus. For us, as a starting organisation, that was an excellent place to be close to project partner TNO and to be able to work well together. For us, the HSD Campus is still a very pleasant place to work.

  • What do you hope to get out of the HSD Campus?

In the first place, it is of course very practical to have office space. But we notice that the appearance of the HSD Campus helps us to be commercially successful. We also notice that contacts are made at the coffee machine and that it is much easier to join in at events (just walk to the space and you're in). I know that there are parties who expect the HSD to deliver assignments, but you will have to do your best for that.

  • What can you offer the HSD Campus?

We are experienced and pleasant people who are open to a good conversation - if I do say so myself. But more importantly, I think, we try to help put HSD (even) better on the map. We also see that you cannot build a village on your own. Only by working together can we get things off the ground.

  • What is a fun fact about the company?

We have many fun facts (which we do not disclose...). What immediately comes to mind is the name of our organisation. ThreadStone raises many people's eyebrows. I know it from somewhere...' you hear then. Aren't you from Jason Bourne? And yes, our name comes from the Jason Bourne film series. My colleague Richard Klein - founder of the first hour - had already thought of this name when I came into contact with him. An advertising agency tried to change our minds and made all kinds of proposals for a different name. In retrospect, we are very glad that we did not go for it: we find that our name and logo radiate strength and confidence.

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