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Introducing HSD Campus member FS-ISAC

Introducing HSD Campus member FS-ISAC

They facilitate the only global cyber intelligence sharing community, solely focused on financial services and they opened their office at the HSD Campus earlier this year.

We are happy to introduce you to FS-ISAC, which was founded in the US in 1999, in response to the US Presidential Decision Directive 63, which was issued in 1998 and updated in 2003.  

The members of their platform are regulated financial services firms (including banks, insurance, payments, exchanges, etc.) and represent $35 trillion in assets under management in more than 70 countries.. A major challenge in cybersecurity is to keep up the pace against cyber criminals. FS-ISAC shares among its members and trusted sources critical cyber-intelligence and builds awareness through a robust offering of alerts, indicators, member insights, threat assessments and analysis. This enables members to anticipate, mitigate, and respond to cyber threats and reduce cyber risk in the global financial system. 

A key challenge for FS-ISAC is educating member financial firms of all different capabilities on how best they can share and utilize shared information on cyber threats. Through summits, meetings, webinars and communities of interest, FS-ISAC convenes a global peer-to-peer network of experts and practitioners from the private and public sectors to share critical information and best practices in a trusting and collaborative environment.

With offices in London and Singapore since 2017, they have now established their fourth office at the HSD Campus as well, from which they want to grow their member base in the EU market.

The fact that cybersecurity is increasingly seen as a critical business risk as opposed to just a back office cost, is an opportunity for FS-ISAC to grow their offerings and membership around the globe and thereby increase the value of membership because of the increase in shared information.

Meet Gary McEwen, Intelligence Analyst at FS-ISAC at our Lunch & Talk sessions and social events!






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