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Let us introduce to you; Campusmanager Nabile Benali

Let us introduce to you; Campusmanager Nabile Benali

He has been around for about 3 months already, but hasn’t yet had the opportunity to properly introduce himself. Nabile Benali started his job as Campus Manager at the HSD Campus on January 1st and is already a well-recognised face around the campus. He is here to support the community and facilitate its needs. So let us introduce you to Nabile.

So Nabile, what do we need to know about you?

I was born and raised in Zoetermeer, which is where I live with my wife Sarah. We have been married for 4 years now. Family means a lot to me and I am quite close with my parents and two sisters who also live in Zoetermeer. Me and my wife visit them often and spend quality time together. We also like to go out together, for example, we went to the restaurant Mojo in Amsterdam last week, which was really nice.

So how do you spend your spare time?

When I’m not at the HSD Campus or with my family, you can find me at the soccer field. I am quite fanatic about soccer and play at a serious level. That means that I train 3 nights a week and play competition on Saturdays, so it’s quite a commitment. When I was younger, I aspired a professional soccer career and played in Istanbul for two years. Now I have redirected my career and play soccer because it keeps me physically fit and also serves as an outlet that helps keep my mental health high. When it comes to supporting teams, I don’t have any particular favourite, I just really enjoy watching good soccer being played regardless of the teams.

Tell us about the career path that brought you here

Before this job as Campus Manager, my work was split into two roles. I worked for The Hague International Centre to help international companies and their employees settle in the city, and my second role was to facilitate the cybersecurity community in the city of The Hague. During a research I conducted to plot all cybersecurity companies in the city on a map, we discovered that there were many more cybersecurity companies here than we knew of.

As a result of this discovery, we started actively reaching out to these companies and involving them in the cybersecurity community. I have taken this responsibility with me as part of my current role, and I do this together with Milout Achahbar who works as account manager cybersecurity for the municipality of The Hague.

What can we expect from you here at the campus this year?

Beyond being the Campus Manager at the HSD Campus, I am responsible for activating and otherwise facilitating the cybersecurity community across the city of The Hague. I believe this can have a great impact because cybersecurity companies will benefit from connecting, sharing ideas and knowledge and discovering opportunities for hands-on collaboration.

The HSD Campus and the HSD foundation are committed to enhancing the community with activities and discussion platforms. For now, we have bi-weekly Friday afternoon borrels on the agenda and semi-monthly knowledge events that dive deeper into subjects that help grow your business or more in-depth cybersecurity trends. Also, we are exploring if the community would benefit from using a digital platform that enables discussions and collaboration. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have ideas or suggestions that you think would help stimulate the cybersecurity community in The Hague.


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