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New community intern HSD Campus 

New community intern HSD Campus 

New community intern HSD Campus 

Hello dear readers my name is Michael I am a student at the Haagse Hogeschool and will be the new intern for the coming months at the municipality of The Hague and the cozy HSD Campus. At the end of September I was told that I could do an internship at the Municipality of The Hague and HSD Campus. Which is great news, since the coronation measures introduced by the government severely limited various internship opportunities and even resulted in the complete cancellation of internships. Many students across the country had to deal with a study backlog and at the same time, the digitalisation and cyber navigation of education in the Netherlands accelerated massively towards our laptops and mobile phones, giving our digital connectivity a big boost. 

Fortunately, the coronation rain has eased and many students can happily start their new school year fresh, physically and digitally, with their internships and other various study developments.  The digital is a play on words, but it does show that the reality of the corona pandemic has taken an enormous social, psychological and digital toll. Not only in the Netherlands, but also on a European level, we could observe how the world stood still for a part and how massively active students, companies, professionals, doctors and many others were online.  Although digitisation has many advantages, it also brings shadowy dangers. With issues like who has insight into our private information? How do we fight cybercrime?  Who reads our messages? How do we protect private data in crucial sectors like health, telecom and finance? How do various actors use the Internet to manipulate and sabotage information? How do we deal with cyber threats from Russia and China? What initiatives can be taken to improve economic competitiveness ? How do we deal with the new technological developments such as A.I, 5G or the conceptualisation of 6G network ?
As an intern I will give new additions to the HSD Campus team as community manager and develop together with you interesting activities to create more liveliness. Whereby various interfaces intersect from a European, geopolitical, economic, technological and creative point of view. To discuss the various security challenges and share knowledge on cyber security, national, city and European security. Of course, there will also be some pleasant networking to get to know each other better to build up a fun and productive HSD campus team.
I will end to initiate the month of #CyberSecMonth 2021 with the saying "It takes a code to build a network ".

Michael Abedi

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