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New HSD campus tenant Lanner Europe bv

New HSD campus tenant Lanner Europe bv

New HSD campus tenant Lanner Europe bv

About Lanner:
With over 30 years of experience in ODM system design and board hardware engineering, Lanner provides high-performance, reliable and cost-effective network appliances and embedded platforms, purpose-built for applications in Enterprise, Industrial and Telecom environments.

Lanner is most renowned for its range of x86 and RISC network appliances as it has for many years been the key hardware provider to some of the largest network security companies in the world. In this field Lanner delivers hardware for everything from basic load balancing and firewall appliances to more demanding VPN, bypass, intrusion detection and UTM systems that require deep packet inspection.

With its manufacturing services, Lanner creates customized hardware solutions for customer applications with managed hardware lifecycles. Once its time to ship, Lanner handles the branding of the hardware, the shipping cartons and all its contents. And drop shipments can be arranged worldwide from Lanner logistics centers around the world.

About Me:
Be nice to me, I just moved to Den Haag and really struggling with the language. I've been with Lanner since 2005, initially running the Marketing department based in Taipei, Taiwan. In 2010 I opened the Canadian office for Lanner, growing the business $35M and 10% of Lanner's global revenues. My latest task is to establish and grow a European sales and operations division for Lanner, building on our success as the world leading provider for network security hardware appliance. Stop by room 603 for a chat sometime.

Why HSD:
The HSD was a natural fit for Lanner. Our core business is helping Cyber Security companies scale through rapid deployment of hardware security appliances. With over 30 cyber security companies already at HSD, Lanner hopes to help companies in this space scale their business through reliable hardware offerings, regardless of the deployment site.

I expect that HSD will offer Lanner early access to innovative companies in the infancy stage of their business growth. We recognize cybersecurity is a long play, with brands needing years to establish their reputation in the market through initial POCs, lead account customization and eventually to a scaling phase where business operations are critical to grow through efficient operational practices. Lanner can help security companies with the right hardware to initiate and scale their business.

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