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Prodaft’s Growth Coincides with their Move to HSD Campus

Prodaft’s Growth Coincides with their Move to HSD Campus

Collaborative Threat Aversion: How HSD and Prodaft Work Together for a Safer Cyber-Space

As the world becomes more digitally advanced, the demand for cyber-security services are higher than ever and The Netherlands, as the leading cybersecurity hub in Europe, is the source of many businesses that strive to create a safer digital environment. 

Prodaft, is one the leading companies within the cyber-security industry and has become a model for success within the thriving community of the Security Delta (HSD). As with many pioneering companies in the field of tech, collaboration and community make up the cornerstone of progress and development, and Prodaft and HSD are exemplary of the benefits these relationships can achieve. To gain more insights about Prodraft’s current developments, we sat down with Co-founder Can Yildizli and Communication Strategy Specialist Viktória Vargová.

Since its establishment in 2012, Prodaft has dedicated itself to proactively fighting cyber-crime as they “focus mainly on the proactive part of providing cybersecurity rather than being reactive”, Viktória explained. By identifying potential breaches before their occurrence, the company is able to inform its clients of hazardous threats before they take effect. This proactive approach is made possible through an award-winning system developed by Prodaft, the U.S.T.A, a platform that analyses and confirms potential threats pertaining to a wide range of categories. From tactical and security intelligence to brand protection and fraud intelligence, the U.S.T.A is a one-stop solution for the cyber-protection of organisations and companies across the globe, including critical infrastructures such as banking, aviation, defence, energy, public authorities, and telecommunication.

Last year, Prodaft decided to expand its reach by establishing an office in the Netherlands in order to make their expertise accessible to more companies. With the HSD providing a platform for the development of new ideas, as well as facilitating the sharing of knowledge through its events, Prodaft began to network with multiple companies and to establish itself locally. “With all the cybersecurity companies interacting with each other and organising events [...] it really shows us the city is actually showing some interest in cyber” Can pointed out. Their team around the world has over sixty people and the team based in the Netherlands currently consists of nine brilliant and experienced individuals, who have their own ambitions to host presentations on cyber-crime subjects that are affecting the Netherlands specifically, and with the goal of bringing more newcomers to the HSD. 

Prodaft is scaling at an impressive rate as since their move to HSD, they have already taken two additional office spaces and are soon preparing to expand to even more space. They currently are hiring up to nine new positions and will be adding more highly skilled people in the beginning of 2023. As clusters like the HSD continue to grow, and more companies aligned to its mission establish new offices there, the world of cyber-security continues to bolster its defences. Through the collaboration between companies like Prodaft and clusters like the HSD, prominent cyber-crime issues are being tackled day by day - a trend that shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. If you are interested in benefiting from Prodraft’s expertise and decade-long experience, get in touch and find out more here!


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