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Washing Attachments with

Washing Attachments with

Mitigating Human Risk in Cybersecurity when Downloading Files

Entrepreneurs start their journey at various stages of life, but few start them as early as Daniël Luthra, founder and managing director of Daniël began programming at the age of 13 and soon started developing websites before creating native apps. Since then, he has built many companies and sold a venture a few years ago before focusing on his current mission “to reduce human risk in cybersecurity.” With, Daniël and his team have created a solution to mitigate risks of malicious attachments through an innovative digital security solution. seeks to address a significant problem in cybersecurity - employees falling prey to dangerous attachments. The company's unique approach involves a process termed as "washing" the attachments, an original method that involves content disarming and reconstruction (CDR). The process strips away any potential harmful content from a file, acting as a resilient layer of defence against cyber threats. Unlike traditional antivirus solutions that attempt to identify the harmful content, this new approach reconstructs the file, offering a superior level of protection.

What sets apart in this increasingly competitive market is the application of their technology. It works on a device level, ensuring the protection of various communication channels like web browsers, Outlook, Teams, Zoom and Slack. The simple installation process, no requirement for external infrastructure, and the data privacy assurance make their product an attractive proposition in the cybersecurity landscape.’s solution delivers a primary defence layer for any organisation working with external attachments. 

Though is still relatively new, Daniël's vision extends far beyond the Dutch market. The primary aim of the company is to assist IT managed service providers to enhance their services by integrating's advanced technology into their offerings. Currently partnering with 10 managed service providers, is eager to expand its footprint globally, receiving requests from various countries.

Being a part of The Hague Security Delta Campus (HSD Campus) offers a unique advantage to and Daniël's prior involvement with HSD Campus allowed him to recognize the immense potential of being part of this community. HSD Campus has provided with the platform to grow and establish itself in the cybersecurity domain, facilitating crucial networking opportunities and fostering potential business partnerships.

Daniël emphasises the importance of understanding each company's specific risk focus within the cybersecurity sector. He believes that "to truly cooperate in this domain, it's very important to know what kind of risks each company is focusing on." This understanding paves the way for identifying business opportunities and potential collaborations.

Daniël mentioned that collaboration “starts always with conversation and building relationships” and he and his team at are always up for grabbing a coffee. Whether you are an IT service provider looking to enhance your security offerings or are interested in talking about the different domains within cybersecurity, feel free to reach out to Daniël on LinkedIn or visit their website


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