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At AKASEC, we go beyond hacking. With our expertise in advanced attack techniques and extensive experience working at the highest levels of the Dutch government, we help organizations defend themselves against digital threats, including those sponsored by governments – known as APTs (advanced persistent threats) – by conducting comprehensive Black Teaming and Red Teaming exercises that simulate real cyber threats.

We base our attacks on a pre-agreed type of attacker: script kiddies, hacktivist, whistle-blower, criminal, or state sponsored. The 'insider threat' scenario in particular is increasingly discussed in organizations where the risk of corporate espionage is high.

We not only identify vulnerabilities but also strengthen your defences against the most sophisticated adversaries. Additionally, we leverage our software development expertise to create powerful offensive tools and secure communication solutions to ensure the confidentiality of your sensitive information and protect it from eavesdropping or unauthorized access.

Rely on AKASEC as your strategic partner in the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity, where innovation and vigilance are paramount. Learn more about Black and Red Teaming on our website:

A short biography of our hackers:

Jan Willem Veldhuis          
Co-Founder // Hacker


As a Red Teamer, Jan Willem collaborates with the offensive team to identify and address vulnerabilities in clients' IT infrastructure. Drawing on his expertise gained as a former Red Teamer at the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service, where he specialized in 'living off the land' techniques, he prioritizes discovering misconfigurations and digital breadcrumbs that could potentially compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems. Additionally, he plays a crucial role in the development team as a developer and DevSecOps engineer, ensuring that security is seamlessly integrated into the entire software development lifecycle.

Tom Wolters

Co-Founder // Hacker


As a Red Teamer, Tom conducts simulated digital attacks aimed at discovering, identifying, and describing vulnerabilities and proving their real-world impact. He is capable of simulating all types of attackers, from government-sponsored to 'script kiddies'. His role as a Red Teamer is to constantly adapt and simulate current threats relevant to the organization. His background in development aids him in creating custom malware and scripts that assist in achieving offensive goals, such as discovering zero-days or creating exploit and enumeration scripts. Tom is also affiliated with the DIVD, has multiple CVE’s to his name, and is often seen as a guest speaker at cybersecurity programs.


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