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Netsweeper is a leading provider of online filter and digital safety solutions worldwide. Our suite of software and network offerings protect educational institutions, government organizations, businesses, service providers, carriers, and OEM partners across the globe - regardless of how they access the online world. The scale of the internet is larger than any single list and broader than any one network and we were one of the first to develop and use hybrid Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to effectively identify harmful content, contact, conduct, and commerce in real-time.

The Success of Netsweeper

Localized in 47 languages, and with over 90 filtering categories, nFilter has accrued and strategically categorized 12 billion URLs to date and receive requests for over 50 million new URLs each day. Founded in 1999 and privately held, Netsweeper has enjoyed consistent growth and profitability while building a professional team that serves a global community with over 1.2 billion users in our network footprint. We continually strive to create a safer society and have partnered over the years with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), the UK Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU), and others to incorporate their findings directly into our data sources to keep users safe from illegal and inappropriate internet content.

A Filtering Solution that Works!

Our education ecosystem provides real-time analysis of content that is often missed by other filtering and security products, going beyond standard URL lists to ensure students are always protected from inappropriate or malicious content. onGuard, our managed monitoring service empowers schools to actively supervise a safer internet experience while never overburdening resources, and our BYOD capabilities provide peace of mind so students can learn safely in and out of the classroom.

The History of Netsweeper

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Netsweeper partners

netsweeper partners


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