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Innovating Cybersecurity Standards with Bee Check

Innovating Cybersecurity Standards with Bee Check

Startup Visas Facilitating Cyber Solutions

Serkan Sazak, founder and Business Development Manager at Bee Check, spoke about their vision to become a trusted and quality brand within the cybersecurity field while helping society with their work and “providing safe and transparent protection.” Currently their team strives to use innovative solutions that protects their customers and provides insightful intelligence. With decades of experience in the industry, Bee Check was founded after Serkan saw an opportunity to create better cybersecurity products and services after working as a vendor for other companies’ products. Bee Check’s product empowers decision makers within organisations to act with the best and most accessible data and information at hand. Serkan says their product stands out because of its proactive approach and modular structure that is “easy [to integrate] with many security products.” 

With grand ambitions, Bee Check’s next step was to expand their business to Europe. Serkan pointed out that the Netherlands “offers an excellent business climate for scaling up tech solutions for the European and global markets.” He also noted that the Dutch government is committed to stimulating innovation and sustainability. One way that is evident is in the Startup Visa program, which Bee Check and Serkan are taking part in. With HSD Campus as their facilitator for the visa, Serkan did not experience any difficulties in the process and has been helped by partners such as InnovationQuarter in helping them orientate to the Dutch market. InnovationQuarter offers a Market Readiness Program to companies such as Bee Check who are part of the Startup Visa program.  All businesses looking to obtain a Startup Visa need to work with a reliable facilitator, such as HSD Campus and have an innovative product and/or service relevant to the Netherlands. Through this program, Bee Check will be able to grow their cybersecurity network within the region and the country. Bee Check already works with customers in Germany and is now looking to land prospective clients here in the Netherlands. Serkan discussed their steps to finish the development of their product so they can provide the highest quality of service to their customers. 


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