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The Importance of Compliance in the Face of New Regulations

The Importance of Compliance in the Face of New Regulations

Insights from Cyberus

In today's technology-driven landscape, ensuring the safety and security of data is a top priority for organisations across industries. The fields of IT auditing, IT risk management, privacy, compliance, and cyber security have become critical in safeguarding sensitive information, and businesses must prioritise these areas to stay protected against potential threats. Along with other regional industry leaders at HSD Campus, Cyberus has emerged as a go to option for companies looking to manage their IT risk and in need of IT auditing. 

The firm was founded by Dwayne Valkenburg who we sat down with together with Firas Abali, a partner at Cyberus, both of whom are former Big Four IT auditors and IT risk consultants with extensive experience in the field. In light of the continually increasing complexity of regulations for IT organisations, as well as risk, compliance, and audit departments, Cyberus has emerged as a reliable and comprehensive solution. The demand for these services has increased over the years, and as Dwayne explained, there is a considerable market inefficiency in who larger firms tend to put on cases. “If you hire [larger traditional firms], you are likely to get the junior unit where people are fresh out of college, with limited experience and proper knowledge. But you pay a premium, because they have the brand”. After having worked for firms that fall under this category for years, the partners sought what it would take to offer a similar product, but for a more fair price and conducted by more experienced employees. As Dwayne put it, “it’s a winning game for everyone.” 

With new EU regulations on the horizon, companies are preparing for EU regulations such as DORA and NIS2 in order to remain compliant. In the wake of these regulatory changes, many of Cyberus’ clients, including insurance agencies, are seeking support in managing these new regulatory requirements. Cyberus offers a total package solution to guide organisations on their journey towards compliance, from the starting point of a new regulation to the implementation of mitigating controls. For example, if a client needs to implement a privilege access management solution, Cyberus can provide guidance on this. Additionally, the company helps clients to establish governance processes and maintain their desired level of global compliance for regulatory requirements. 

The field of AI and machine learning is also experiencing rapid growth and innovation, with new self-learning algorithms emerging regularly. This trend is upending the traditional approach to control management, and even large companies are grappling with its implications. AI also brings further issues such as privacy and automated decision making. “With new technology comes a lot of risk. New rules will be implemented, and we will be the ones that make sure you can be in compliance with them”, Firas added. 

The accomplishments of Cyberus have been impressive since their founding, and they have benefited from the support of HSD Campus and being integrated into the local cybersecurity ecosystem. Not only was the prime location that makes it easy for people to commute as Firas is based in Breda but “also due to the like minded, young people, most of whom are very ambitious. If I have a problem, and I want some information on something security related, I can just pass down to my neighbour’s office and have a chat,” as Dwayne stated. This atmosphere and concentration of highly capable individuals and like minded businesses creates an environment where networking is highly probable and encouraged. Since their arrival, Cyberus has been working towards establishing multiple partnerships and plans on continuing this trend in the future, all with the hopes of further establishing itself as a leading company within cybersecurity and making the digital world a safer place for all. 


Should you have any questions or compliance and regulations requirements of your own, then consider reaching out to Cyberus on their website.


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