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Triple-ID’s Journey Towards Market Leader from The Hague

Triple-ID’s Journey Towards Market Leader from The Hague

How Triple-ID is challenging cybersecurity industry trends from HSD Campus

The cybersecurity industry revolves around the protection of digital systems, networks, and processes from cyber attacks that disrupt or threaten vulnerable infrastructures. Many cybersecurity companies in The Netherlands, the hotspot for cybersecurity in Europe, are therefore developing software solutions to prevent or fight these attacks. On the contrary, to many cybersecurity companies, Triple-ID focuses on integrating entire IT infrastructure into industry leading platforms rather than designing their own software solution. We sat down with Umit Yilmaz, CEO and Engineer at Triple-ID to find out more about their recent developments and how joining HSD Campus is impacting their business and their team as a whole.

Triple-ID was founded by Yavuz Gurcan, Dinçer Alkaç, and Umit in early 2021. As engineers with decades of experience in the Identity and Access Management sector the three co-founders decided to combine their expertise to automate cybersecurity processes for major corporations, such as banks, insurance companies, and other global companies. “We provide the right people the right access at the right time, for the right reasons,” Umit summarized. 

The company was founded in The Hague and most of their team members work remotely, although they are working more frequently from their offices in HSD given the inspiring and collaborative environment that HSD’s offices provide. Talent acquisition has proven to be quite challenging, as there is only a limited pool of new graduates within their field available every year and given Triple-IDs niche target market, their activities are not always easy to condense into a simple tagline When they onboarded their first Dutch based engineer, the founders saw the importance of providing a vibrant work environment and opportunities for human interaction, making HSD an ideal choice. The founders are convinced that Triple-ID’s success is deeply rooted in their values. With a team of seventeen highly skilled professionals that are passionate about their work, the company is able to bring the best service and products to their customers. Next to their high performance, Triple-ID strives to break industry trends and create a fair work environment created by engineers, for engineers. “We believe in self-managing engineers who are rewarded based on their skills, no matter where they live”, Umit emphasized. 

Ever since joining HSD Campus, Umit is delighted by the willingness of other members to connect and collaborate with him and the entire Triple-ID team. He is excited to meet new people, exchange knowledge, and once fully settled in he hopes for his team to attend more of the networking events provided by HSD, to further improve their business and skills. Having access to the HSD network and ecosystem has already sparked new ideas for future collaborations and Triple-ID is looking for new ways to integrate themselves into The Hague’s growing cybersecurity ecosystem.

As part of HSD Campus, Triple-ID has an ambitious goal of being known as the best Identity and Access Management Consultancy and is willing to do whatever it takes to provide their customers with the best possible solution. To reach this goal, their team is open to meet enthusiastic and driven engineers that are interested in joining the Triple-ID team on this journey. Visit their website to reach out or find out more!


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